This latest Spin Reduxit podcast -- The We Seek Wider Horizons Edition -- is now available.

We had a wonderful discussion with the Grade 12 political science class at Moncton High (in exile) on Thursday. Here are some selected readings to help give more context to our discussions.

Blog: When $438 million doesn't go as far as it should. And here is the specific chart referenced by Dan during the podcast.

There was a lot of discussion on when previous governments knew about problems at Moncton High. A few examples here and here here and here.

The second subject we discussed was political ads and campaign finance reform.
The speculation about an upcoming federal election.
Don Newman on the alleged "in and out" controversy.
Greg Weston on the potential political impact of the controversy.
A brief history of negative ads.
Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien's campaign finance reforms.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's discussion on eliminating party subsidies.
Elections Canada on campaign spending limits.
Elections New Brunswick on campaign spending limits.

The final topic was democracy in developing countries.
Jeremy Kinsman on Who said democracy can't work in the Arab world? And here is more analysis and some more here.

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