N.B. federal election candidates

March 26, 2011 9:30 AM

(April 5)
Here are a list of federal candidates running in New Brunswick. This list will change and be updated. Pass along any other federal election news and tips.

NDP Yvon Godin (inc.)
Liberal Jean Marie Gionet

Liberal Dominic LeBlanc (inc.)
NDP Susan Levi-Peters

Conservative Keith Ashfield (inc.)
NDP Jesse Travis
Liberal Randy McKeen *new*
Green Louise Comeau *new*

Fundy Royal
Conservative Rob Moore (inc.)
NDP Darryl Pitre
Green Stephanie Coburn
Liberal Linda Ann Wilhelm

Liberal Jean-Claude D'Amours (inc.)
Conservative Bernard Valcourt

Conservative Tilly O'Neill-Gordon (inc.)
Liberal Keith Vickers
Green Ron Mazerolle

Liberal Brian Murphy (inc.)
New Democrat Shawna Gagne
Green Steven Steeves
Conservative Robert Goguen

New Brunswick Southwest
Conservative John Williamson
Liberal Kelly Wilson
New Democrat Andrew Graham
Green Janice Harvey

(Incumbent Conservative Greg Thompson is not re-offering in this election.)

Saint John
Conservative Rodney Weston (inc.)
New Democrat Rob Moir
Liberal Stephen Chase

Conservative Mike Allen (inc.)
Liberal Chuck Chiasson

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