Podcast: The Catch-Up Edition

February 4, 2011 1:22 PM

Spin Reduxit is back after a month off of podcasting with our latest analysis of New Brunswick politics. Check out the Catch-Up Edition.
Spin Reduxit's Catch-Up Edition
The podcast serves as a primer for the many debates that have started to unfold in the province in the last few weeks.
The main topic was the pre-budget consultations being led by Finance Minister Blaine Higgs.
Jacques also referenced a story he did on ideas from civil servants on cutting the deficit.
Jacques discusses the rise of the toll debate at the meetings.
Dan offers a shameless plug for Jacques's first book: The Right Fight when referencing the history of the toll debate in New Brunswick.

The topic then shifted to the recent patronage allegations to follow around Premier David Alward.

And finally, we offer up an interesting quote by Liberal Brian Kenny on his feelings about citizens having a right to review MLA pensions. Instead of offering our analysis, the Spin Reduxit team is hoping you will listen to it and offer your own thoughts on Twitter. Be sure to include the #spinreduxit hashtag. We will do our best to read a few tweets next week.

During the podcast, Jacques mentioned a PowerPoint presentation given by Higgs. Thanks to the Department of Finance for sending over a copy.

N.B.'s Pre-Budget Consultation Presentation

-- Daniel McHardie

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