(This blog post has been updated)
Hello faithful Spin Reduxit followers. As promised, our final podcast of 2010 is now available. The We Weren't Afraid to Tackle The Big Issues Edition is available in iTunes or here
The podcast is recorded and will be published on Dec. 27. We thought you'd like a new podcast to listen to during the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve when few people are talking about politics. We know many of you need a political fix. So, as always, Spin Reduxit is here to help.

We continue our trend of poking fun at ourselves by offering our mea culpas from the past year. As well, we discuss some of the year's big stories that do not include, the botched sale of NB Power or the provincial election.

We also dip into Jacques's audio archive to pick the political clip of the year. We also offer a series of clips we think will be replayed often in 2011. Feel free to vote on Twitter for your choice in each contest (remember to use the #spinreduxit hashtag) or comment on the bottom of this post.

This year we attempt a different take on the most under-rated/valuable MLA distinction. We are still getting to know the new crop of MLAS, so instead, we will elect our most promising MLAs.

We will be back in the new year with more Spin Reduxit podcasts and blog posts. Thank you for following us in 2010.

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