Podcast: The Higgs Doctrine 2.0 Edition

November 2, 2010 2:02 PM

The latest Spin Reduxit podcast is now available. Check out The Higgs Doctrine 2.0 Edition here

Here is some Spin Reduxit homework for people who want more information on things mentioned on the podcast.

Higgs discusses options on cutting the deficit.

Higgs speaks with CBC's Terry Seguin on the looming budget cuts. The finance minister explains in detail the health funding controversy.

Higgs speaks with CBC's Harry Forestell about the options reducing the budget deficit. He answers several questions on whether taxes or other revenues could be increased during the budget exercise.

Higgs exempts the health department from the two per cent budget cut

Higgs warns departments to brace for budget cuts.

Higgs originally lays out the Higgs Doctrine.

Grant-Thornton reported to the Liberal government in 2006 about the looming financial problems. Check out Page 10 on looming increases to health.

Former Progressive Conservative Health Minister Dennis Furlong offered suggestions on ways to cut the health budget during his expert commentary during the election campaign.

Dan's blog post on Roger Duguay's resignation as NDP leader from about two weeks ago.
-- Daniel McHardie

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