The second Spin Reduxit live podcast is now available.
HereThe event took place at the Garrison Ale House in Fredericton during the Fredericton Tweetup. Carter McLaughlin introduces the podcast and a special thanks to the audience for the raucous welcome.

Jacques and I walked through the crowd and spoke with several different social media enthusiasts about the role social media played in the New Brunswick election.

There were many different opinions but it seemed very clear from the people we spoke to on Tuesday that they were disappointed by how many politicians and political parties used social media, in particular Twitter, to "broadcast" their messages and did not engage with the public. And the end result is that many people felt social media did not make a significant impact on the election campaign.

One question that was put to each of participants is what could be done to better use social media to engage with citizens in the next four years and into next election campaign in 2014.

Here is a list of people we spoke to Tuesday night that appear on the podcast: Bill McGrath, Mel Wah, Tim Coates, Melissa Cormier, Lamespotting, Douglas Mullin, Duncan Matheson Brian MacDonald, Cory Hartlen.

-- Daniel McHardie

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