Check out the latest Spin Reduxit podcast: The Put Everything On Hold Edition

Jacques and I tackle the implications of the controversy surrounding federal Conservative cabinet minister Keith Ashfield and an email suggesting that his office wanted to hold up federal-provincial announcements until after the Sept. 27 election and the fallout from last Friday.

Also on the agenda is the rise of the People's Alliance Party of New Brunswick.

Sorry, I can't link to the Chief Electoral Officer's 1991 election document, which gives a riding-by-riding breakdown of the votes. If someone finds an electronic version of the 1991 vote analysis let us know and we'll post it so you look at how the vote split in 1991. However, take a look at the 2006 document and scan through the ridings to see where the closest votes were and remember them come Sept. 27.

The final subject is the growth of women candidates in the upcoming election.

The Commission on Legislative Democracy proposed a series of ideas on how to boost the number of women in politics. However, as we all know, that report really went nowhere.

.This will likely be the last podcast for a few weeks as Jacques is on vacation.

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