The latest Spin Reduxit podcast: The Unacceptable Risk Edition. Obviously there is only one topic: the collapse of the NB Power deal with Hydro-Qu├ębec.

The podcast explores why the proposed deal fell apart, what are the stakes for Shawn Graham's future leadership of the Liberal Party and what does it mean for the future of energy policy in New Brunswick.

The Unacceptable Risk Edition

Here are some other pieces of required reading and viewing that were mentioned in the podcast:

The original MOU between New Brunswick and Quebec. The Mactaquac Dam clause is on Page 7

Dan's earlier blog on energy regulatory reform

The Options Summit discussed many options but did not come out with clear energy consensus

Jacques on Power & Politics

Premier Shawn Graham outlines the deal's demise in the legislature

Opposition Leader David Alward responds in the legislature

The latest Corporate Research Associates poll

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