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The Nature of Things presents The Great Butterfly Hunt an adaptation of the feature documentary "The Flight of the Butterflies" an SK Films IMAX Giant Screen and 3D production that premiered across Canada in the spring of 2013.

Visit Flight of the Butterflies online.
Learn more about monarchs.
Explore Fred and Norah Urquart's story.
Read about monarch conservation and preservation.

The 2013 numbers are out and they show a significant decline in the monarch butterflies overwintering in Mexico. Read more.

The Great Butterfly Hunt tells the story of incredible journeys. The first is that of the remarkable Monarch migration, which is the longest insect migration on Earth. The second story is that of Fred Urquhart, the determined Canadian scientist who spent 40 years trying to discover exactly where the butterflies mysteriously disappeared when they flew south for the winter.

The Great Butterfly Hunt is a beautiful and colourful one-hour program that combines the spectacular visuals from Flight of the Butterflies with the production’s behind-the-scenes look at how such films get made. As many Canadians will be groaning about the long grey winter ahead, The Great Butterfly Hunt will remind audiences of the promise of spring. And, at a time when the monarch population is in rapid decline, viewers will have an opportunity to watch one of Nature’s most dramatic feats unfold.  

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