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Are gay men actually born gay?  If so, what causes this and how could homosexuality have survived the evolutionary process?

Ever since openly gay filmmaker Bryce Sage came out of the closet, he has struggled to answer these fundamental questions.  Bryce sets out on a cross-country and around the world journey to  ferret out the answers. Along the way, he confronts his own homosexuality and family history, exploring the nature  vs. nurture side of the issue.  He’ll bombard his brainwaves with gay and straight erotica to determine just how fundamentally gay his brain really is and he’ll talk to animal biologists about their studies of homosexuality in other species.  There is documented evidence of homosexuality in over two hundred.

The incredible story of how gay men and women went from being the ultimate outsiders to occupying the halls of power. Watch How We Got Gay on Doc Zone.

Bryce becomes an amateur detective, trying to crack the code of his genes.  He discovers that in Samoa every family has a male member who is either gay or is encouraged to become more feminine to support familial needs. The idea is that homosexuals, like the fa’afafine (or third gender) may not reproduce themselves, but in the support of their blood (and therefore genetic) relatives, they increase their overall chance for survival.  Could the notion of identifying as gay and living an exclusively gay lifestyle be only a relatively recent phenomenon?  And to what extent is Darwinian natural and sexual selection still relevant in a society that values human nurture and empathy over survival of the fittest? 

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