According to a 2011 Alzheimer Society of Canada poll, 50 per cent of Canadian baby boomers identified memory loss as the only sign of Alzheimer’s disease, while a quarter couldn’t name any sign at all. Do you know what the signs are?

Memory Loss

Forgetting recent events or difficulty retaining new information 

Difficulty performing familiar tasks

Preparing a meal or shopping

Language problems

Finding the right words or using inappropriate words


Getting lost on the way to work or being confused about the time of day 

Poor or decreased judgment

Neglecting personal hygiene or safety

Problems with abstract thinking

Difficulty balancing a cheque book or not understanding what the numbers mean

Misplacing things

Putting things in odd places like storing an iron in the fridge

Behavioural changes

Sharp mood swings, from calm to tears to depression that are hard to explain

Personality changes

Becoming unusually withdrawn, suspicious or anxious

Loss of initiative

Withdrawing from friends and family and losing interest in activities


More information about Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.
Read about forms of demenia. 

Information courtesy Alzheimer Society of Canada.

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