1. Find out more about leatherback turtles and be aware of  threats to their survival caused by humans, such as entanglement in fishing gear and marine pollution.
  2. Because of their diet, sea turtles are attracted to marine debris like plastic or balloons. When they float in the water, these can resemble the jellyfish leatherbacks eat. You can help by disposing of litter responsibly, reducing use of plastics, and never releasing balloons outside.
  3.  Help keep beaches and oceans clean by joining a shoreline cleanup. Find out more by visiting the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup website.
  4. Supporting turtle research, rescue and rehabilitation by organizations like The Canadian Sea Turtle Network.
  5. A major threat to leatherbacks is entanglement in fishing gear. Therefore, you can help by choosing sustainably caught seafood that minimizes the risk of bycatch. Find out more about sustainable seafood at: This Fish and SeaChoice.org
  6. Spread the word about endangered leatherbacks and what we can do to help.
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