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A pack of wolves is hunting a small herd of buffalo across a frozen landscape. It's a scene out of the ancient past, when buffalo and wolves once roamed the plains of North America. However this location is in northern Canada in Wood Buffalo National Park where this ancient relationship has continued uninterrupted for thousands of years.

Wolf in Wood Buffalo National Park

Wolves and Buffalo follows the fortunes of one pack of wolves, the Delta Pack. Will the pups survive their first year? Will the packs alpha animals retain their pack position to breed again next year? As they try to bring down the buffalo to keep themselves and their new pups alive what will the future hold for these ancient warriors?

Observing wolves in their natural environment is never easy but wildlife filmmaker Jeff Turner has had more luck than most over the years. More than 20 years ago he first went to Wood Buffalo Park and filmed an event between these two species that had not been seen for more than a hundred years: wolves hunting buffalo. Due to recent industrial energy developments in northern Canada Jeff is returning to learn more about their unique relationship and what the future holds for both wolves and buffalo.

Director Jeff Turner.

Following these animals through the four seasons in this harsh northern him get even closer to these animals - an aerial camera balloon and hidden remote cameras that can be disguised as animals or rocks or even buffalo dung! With determination and sometimes a little humour Jeff will lead the audience on his journey as he tries to learn more about their unique relationship and what the future may hold for both wolves and buffalo.

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Wild Canadian Year

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