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Listen to an interview with Jennifer Gardy on The Jon McComb Show.

Dr. Jennifer Gardy is back. This intrepid microbiologist who laid her own body on the line in Myth or Science 1 and 2, returns to continue her quest to put health and science claims to the test and discover whether they’re myth or science.

This time, Dr. Gardy will examine one of the most fundamental elements in our lives – food. Today, we can put almost anything we want on the table. And making the right choices is critical. Food has the ability to help us look younger, even live longer.

It’s such a fundamental part of our lives we’re constantly inundated with advice.

 Sugar makes children hyper.
 If you want to lose weight eat a diet designed especially for your blood type.
 Honey is healthier than refined sugar.
 You should drink 8 glasses of water a day.
 Drinking tea causes dehydration.
 Natural salt is better for you than table salt.
 Frozen veggies and fruit are less nutritious than fresh veggies and fruit.

But, are any of these claims true?

Once again, Dr. Gardy, will find out. Her mission: Use unorthodox experiments, traditional scientific investigation, and her own body, to discover if we can fight disease, lose weight, even improve our memory by putting food claims to the test and finding out… once and for all… whether they’re myth or science.

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