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Dr. Jennifer Gardy is back. This intrepid microbiologist who laid her own body on the line in Myth or Science 1, returns to continue her quest to put health and science claims to the test and discover -- once and for all -- whether they’re myth or science. This time her journey of discovery will plumb our very hopes and dreams – our quest for self-improvement.

Jennifer Gardy

It’s a search as old as humankind. From the Egyptians who represented their Kings as Gods, to the Greeks and their love of the human form, to Leonardo da Vinci who equated human proportion to the laws of geometry, man has always sought a kind of personal perfection.

In the 21st century this on going human quest has become integral to our every day lives: Working out, dieting, sculpting our faces, our lips, our bodies, reading more, drinking less - it’s all part of this journey.

And today we don’t have far to look for advice. Blogs, celebrities, talk show hosts and newspaper columnists offer up a constant flow of claims, supposedly based on science, to help us achieve perfection.

  •  Eating less can help you live longer
  •  It’s important to fast to cleanse toxins from your body
  • You have to "exercise" your willpower in order to improve it
  • Resisting temptation makes you a better, smarter, more successful person
  • Humans use only 10% of their brains.
  • You should never go to bed angry.

But, are these claims true?

Once again, Dr. Gardy, will find out. Using unorthodox experiments, traditional scientific investigation, and her own body, she will put these claims to the grindstone and discover whether they’re science fact or science fiction.

But Dr. Gardy, who is a disease detective at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, will do more than that. In her search for answers, she’ll uncover new research on how our body and mind function, offer a unique perspective on the science that affects our every day lives and health, and provide us with practical information that will aid in our quest for self-improvement.


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Annette Bradford

associate producer
Robert Ballantyne
Olena Sullivan


produced and written by
Dugald Maudsley

Jeff Semple
host & narrator
Dr. Jennifer Gardy

executive producer        
Dugald Maudsley
David Murray

music by
Alex Khaskin

director of photography
Terry Zazulak
sound recordist
John Martin

Nancy Carter

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Diane Marcotte
production coordinator
Gillian Main

visual effects designer
Mark Alberts

post production supervisor/online editor
Eric Wiegand
visual researcher
Elspeth Domville

additional research
Andrew McIntosh

sound design
Grant Edmonds
colour correction
Colin Moore

David McCaughna

stills photography
Michelle Thorpe
production accountant
anne sinclair

legal counsel
David Steinberg
archival material courtesy of
Dr. Jennifer Kuk
Infield Fly Productions Inc.
Susan Powers / Theo Bird

for Infield Fly Productions
Gillian Main, Business Affairs

special thanks

Alpine Slopes
Anapilis Christian Community Centre
Centre For Interdisciplinary Research In Rehabilitation Of Greater Montreal
Clinical Genomics Centre
Evergreen Brick Works
Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital
McGill University and Concordia University
McMaster University
Merchants Of Green Coffee
The Royal Conservatory Of Music Telus Centre for Performance & Learning
The University of Guelph
The University of Toronto
York University



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