Climate Change: Hot Times in the City
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Host David Suzuki shows viewers some of the more startling effects of climate change. Over half of the world's population now lives in cities, consuming 75% of the world's energy and producing 80% of greenhouse gas emissions. Increasingly, cities are becoming dangerous places to live, as insect-born diseases, heat stroke, respiratory and cardiac illnesses become increasingly common. Hot Times in the City takes the pulse of three major Canadian cities: Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax, as they grapple with one of the planet's greatest threats to human health: global warming.

The need to stay constantly competitive has encouraged over-consumption and waste, and it is ultimately the poor and most vulnerable among us who will pay the highest price from a health perspective. In particular, city-dwellers need to understand the economies that scale play in maintaining human health in the face of global warming - one car may have relatively little impact on the environment, but millions of vehicles, idling at stoplights with their air-conditioners on, continue to have tremendous health consequences for this generation and all future ones.

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