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We are in the woods of central Canada near the old Renfrew mine – home to thousands of bats. Inside the old mine, Dr. Brock Fenton is surrounded by the creatures he loves best in the world: bats.

Renowned researcher, author, scientist, teacher and bat lover, Brock Fenton has made the study of bats his life's passion.

In this fascinating one-hour documentary on bats, Brock Fenton and other scientists will help us make sense of these strange and astonishing creatures. Bats have been around since the time of the dinosaurs and they have adapted and thrived in virtually every corner of the planet. But scientists have only recently begun to unlock the secrets of the bat, and are now developing potential therapies based on their discoveries.

Bat & Man travels to the UK, Germany, Texas and Australia to explore how bats are becoming the catalyst for the development of a wide range of new medicines and therapies.  There's everything from an ultra cane for the blind, to a potential treatment for stroke victims. As Bat & Man reveals, bats are more than merely a hardy and adaptable species – they are scientifically extraordinary creatures.

In the Southern Hemisphere,the Australian Animal Health Laboratory is focusing on the fruit bat of Asia and Australia whose resistance to viruses is of enormous intense scientific interest. The Australians are now sequencing the fruit bat's genome looking for the genetic mechanism in the bat's immune system which allows them to co-exist with viruses that kill humans and other mammals.

This is an incredible, worldwide journey of discovery, as we encounter these amazingly complex and unique flying mammals and meet some of the twenty-first century's most acclaimed researchers. We are at the cutting edge of science medicine: a place where mankind is learning from Bats.

Bat & Man is directed by Jon Kalina and Jean-Marie Migaud, and produced by Josette Normandeau, Amy Webb and Michel Gauriat.

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