Antarctic Mission: Window on a Changing Climate
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Join us for one of the most breathtaking scientific and cinematographic explorations of our time. A sequel to the highly successful Arctic Mission, this stunning documentary, co-produced by the CBC and Radio-Canada, captures the beauty and grandeur of Antarctica.

An adventurous crew of filmmakers, scientists and mariners embarked on a 17-month expedition aboard the SEDNA IV, a state-of-the-art research sailing vessel, and braved one of the planet's roughest and coldest seas.

A revelatory look at the often subtle and unexpected impacts of our changing climate. Antarctica is still very much a mythical continent—a place that we have known for less than 200 years. Understanding the mechanisms that led to the slow break-up of ancient ice shelves takes both ingenuity and a huge icebreaker, but the changes underway here are not only written in the ice. Antarctica's inhabitants are telling us that their world is changing in complex and subtle ways. The once successful colonies of diminutive Adelie penguins, on the Antarctic Peninsula just south of the Antarctic Circle, have shrunk by 80 per cent. Although it seems ridiculous, their decline is due in large part to increased snowfall—one of the unexpected consequences of a warmer climate.

Antarctic Mission is produced by Glacialis Production and 13 Production, in collaboration with THE NATURE OF THINGS, Radio-Canada, and ARTE France. Antarctic Mission recently aired in French on Radio-Canada to great success. The documentary series was directed by Caroline Underwood of THE NATURE OF THINGS and Jean Lemire. Underwood spent nearly six months onboard SEDNA IV, and was lead director for three of the episodes. The Last Continent was produced and directed by Lemire, who was also the Mission Chief of the expedition.

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