The Beaver Whisperers Live Now Streaming

How busy is a beaver? Well it turns out, very. Last summer as we were shooting our documentary The Beaver Whisperers for The Nature of Things we did some time lapse photography at a dam in Eco Odyssey Park near Wakefield, Quebec. We watched as this male/female (it's almost impossible to tell them apart) made short work of a breach in its dam.

Which got us to wondering: what do beavers do all day? We decided to find out. Last month we put cameras inside and outside a beaver lodge at the park.

Starting March 1st we'll be watching as Pollux, the female matriarch, her family of 8, go about their daily business and (hopefully) have a baby. But don't be surprised if you spot a some uninvited guests - a pair of muskrats.

What goes on inside the lodge? What do the beavers eat, how do they sleep and when do they interact? Join us and you'll get a chance to meet this beaver family as temporary guests.