Squirrel Photo Contest Winners
Squirrel Photo Contest Winners

We have a great need to witness nature and yet most of us live in cities; concrete jungles where the lights never dim and the pace never slows. But perhaps, these diminutive little creatures, a bit like us - hailing from the forests but at home in the city - can help us to reconnect. All we have to do is stop for a moment and watch, and we'll see that there's a method to the squirrelly madness, as they brilliantly navigate the urban landscape that we built... for them?

Nuts About Squirrels - invites us out of our homes and into our parks and gardens, reminding us once again that life is all around us.

The Winners


Submitted by David Reid from Ottawa.

Most Nutty:

Submitted by Diana Ackroyd.

Thanks for entering! We had over 650 submissions.