Sneak Preview - Wild Canada

From the makers of the acclaimed BBC series Human Planet and Canada's top wildlife filmmaking team, take a peek at a preview of our newest series, Wild Canada. It is an epic narrative through time and across the vast scale of the Canadian landscape.

Just 15,000 years ago all of Canada lay beneath a layer of ice over 1000 meters thick. Under the ice nothing lived: it was only when the ice began to melt that the land was exposed - and then invaded by an array of colonizing plants and animals, including one rather special mammal...Homo sapiens.

When the first Europeans sailed to the eastern shores of eastern Canada, they found an unexplored, pristine wilderness. Or so they thought. We follow those first European explorers as they pushed westwards - and re-discover this land through fresh eyes. It is the story of a remarkable land where humans have made their mark over millennia in surprising ways.

Each of the four episodes is a fabulous natural history spectacle about Canadian wildlife and wilderness. The project will also be supported by an extensive behind-the-scenes website and an innovative interactive book app developed for the iPhone and iPad.

Coming to The Nature of Things in Winter 2014. Stay tuned for more.