Make Your Cat A Star on The Nature of Things
By CBC Docs  
catIs your cat a star?

Would you invite a wild animal into your living room? There may be one eyeing you with inscrutable golden eyes right now. They are the most popular pet in North America but though many of us live with them, we don’t really know them at all. And many of the things you thought you knew about your cat just aren’t true.  We journey through a season in a cat’s life and discover what science can tell us about The Lion in Your Living Room coming to The Nature of Things this winter. 

Right now our producers are looking for cats to appear in the film. Does your cat interact with other animals? Does your cat have any odd behaviours or quirks? Are they wandering the streets all day returning in the evening? Have you ever wanted to track their movement?

The producers at Reel Time Images are also inviting you to upload pictures of your cat being cute. Your photos will appear on their website, and might make it into the  film.

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