‘Fishing’ for Carp in Bath, Illinois

Early August  is a great time to visit Bath, Illinois to participate in the Original Red Neck Fishing Tournament. No fishing skill required - all you need is a helmet and a net. Watch a clip from the festivities last year.

The yearly tournament is held to rid the river of a few (thousand) Asian Carp and draw attention to the invasive species which is making life miserable for people who like to enjoy the Mississippi. The carp have taken over the waterway and are known to jump out of the water as boats pass by. Getting smacked in the head by an 80 pound fish can be dangerous. 

Last year, people came from all over the US, Canada and New Zealand for a chance the win the top prize. Over 10,000 carp were scooped out of the river over the course of 2 days.

But because the participants don't have commercial licenses, four waste disposal bins of carp were used as liquid fertilizer or disposed in fields.

Any bets on how many carp will be caught this year?