Is Tanning Addictive?

Dr. Jennifer Gardy is back. This intrepid microbiologist who laid her own body on the line in Myth or Science 1, returns to continue her quest to put health and science claims to the test and discover whether they're myth or science.

But this time, Dr. Gardy's journey of scientific discovery will plumb our very hopes and dreams - our quest for self-improvement.

And today we don't have far to look for advice on how to achieve perfection: Blogs, celebrities, talk show hosts and newspaper columnists offer up a constant flow of claims, supposedly based on science, to help us out.

But are any of them true? Once again Dr. Jennifer Gardy goes wherever it's required and does whatever it takes to put these claims to the scientific grindstone. The results of her latest mission can be seen in Myth or Science - The Quest for Perfection airing at 8 pm on Thursday 17 October.

Today she explores tanning. We all know there are a lot of things in our world that are addictive: cigarettes, caffeine...chocolate. But what about the sun?


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