Kwita Izina

By CBC Docs

Celebrating and naming this years' baby gorillas in Rwanda.

Identical Twins, Identical Cause

By Leora Eisen

Popular cancer awareness advocate and identical twin Kris Hallenga urges public education about breast cancer.

Lyme Disease: Spreading across Canada

It's official. A recent study confirmed that the tick that spreads lyme disease has been infiltrating Canada for the past 20 years. Yet some people claim that doctors still tell Canadians that it just isn't possible to contract lyme disease in this country.

Counting Songbirds for the BBS

By SongbirdSOS

The yearly North American Breeding Bird Survey provides valuable songbird population data for researchers. We meet a few volunteers on the road in southern Ontario.

The Future is Driverless Cars

By CBC Docs

Google isn't the only player in the driverless car market. Jennifer Gardy visits Stanford University to learn more about the next generation of automobiles.

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