My Goldfish is Evil!

What�s the most dangerous creature in the animal kingdom? How about the bloodthirsty shark? The growling grizzly bear? Try a three-inch goldfish named Admiral Bubbles! Doesn�t sound too threatening, but considering Admiral Bubbles can talk and seems intent on taking over the world, he can be a bit of a handful.

Enter Beanie, who has the pleasure of owning Admiral Bubbles and trying to foil his plans for world domination. Of course, Beanies problems could all be solved with a simple flush of the toilet, but not if his Mom has anything to say about it! After hearing Beanie�s �wild stories� about his fish, she�s promised Beanie that he�d be in a world of trouble if anything should happed to the adorable Admiral Bubbles.

So Beanie is on his own, struggling to keep his fiendish friend out of trouble. Will Admiral Bubbles succeed in his evil plot? Will Beanie stay one step ahead of the game?

The future of the world depends on the answer!

Watch My Goldfish is Evil! every Saturday at 9:30 am ET on CBC Television.

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