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Susan Knight's Adventures in Choral Music

Susan Knight's introduction to song started at her father's knee. It developed into a consuming passion for choral music that sparked the creation of Shallaway and Festival 500. Though Susan's not severed her ties with these organizations, earlier this year Susan Knight retired as Artistic Director from both. Nonetheless her choral crusade continues and this week we'll take a look at just a handful of Susan's many adventures in the choral world.
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Ginny Ryan - Great Wings in Flight

Virginia Ryan - or Ginny as most people call her, realizes the dream of a lifetime and, at age 56, releases her first recording. "Great Wings in Flight" has been in the works for twenty years and captures Ginny's life as a writer and traveler in a mix of original and folk songs that depict places she's lived in and loved - including Norway, St.Pierre, Labrador and the United States.

Opera on the Avalon

Opera on the Avalon is back in full swing and, to give you a sample of the top notch singers who come to this festival, Musicraft seats you at the best possible table for last year's cabaret night. Three vocalists in their early 20's with careers on an upward trajectory, take time out from leading roles in operas presented by Opera on the Avalon to entertain us with a broad interpretation of the cabaret genre. No night club raunch. No whiff of sleaze. But Isaiah Bell, Wallis Giunta and John Brancy bring you a colourful cast of characters in this collection of classy American musical numbers, songs by Korngold and miniatures by Eric Satie.