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Karen Bulmer and Krista Vincent - Scenes from Childhood

With a concert aimed squarely at the younger demographic - but appealing to audiences of all ages - tuba player, Karen Bulmer and pianist, Krista Vincent prescribe a dose of Dr. Seuss and a few disarming dancing lessons with Effie the Elephant in their programme called "Scenes from Childhood."

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Mintze Wu - Finding Bach at Gros Morne Summer Music

Minze Wu surprises her audiences by fusing fiddling and violin playing in "Finding Bach" - a programme that she's performed from Taiwan to Woody Point. A member of Gros Morne Summer Music and a classically trained violinist, Mintze Wu acquired her appetite for Newfoundland fiddle tunes at kitchen tables and sessions on the west coast of Newfoundland.
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Rob Gillard and Armondo Fowlow at Trails, Tales and Tunes

Thumbnail image for Rob Gillard and Armondo Fowlow 2Rob Gillard and Armondo Fowlow - two guitarists and vocalists who like to crank up the volume and rock and roll with the heavy metal crowd - reveal their softer, singer-songwriter sides in Neddies Harbour Inn at Trails Tales and Tunes.

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Sylvie Proulx - 100 Greatest Dance Hits

Thumbnail image for EnsembleGuitarist Sylvie Proulx and friends at Memorial's School of Music hit the dance floor for "100 Greatest Dance Hits." Dim the lights for a few tangos, a salsa, a slow dance ballad and some disco - but be prepared for some unusual steps. (Sylvie Proulx, Jane Leibel, Jason Caslor, Paul Bendzsa, Rob Power, Nancy Dahn, Ellen Kogut, Chantelle Jubenville and Nathan Cook)

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