Making Murdoch: Unlucky In Love

Is George Crabtree unlucky in love? Hear what Jonny Harris, guest star Alison Louder ("Lucy Maud Montgomery") and writer Lori Spring have to say about Crabtree's love life.

Making Murdoch: The Big Chill

Yannick Bisson, Hélène Joy and showrunner Peter Mitchell discuss what recent changes mean for Murdoch and Ogden.

Making Murdoch: Pipe Dreamzzz

In an all-new Making Murdoch, Yannick Bisson, Hélène Joy and writer Michelle Ricci discuss the history of opium in Canada and Murdoch and Ogden’s scientific exploration of the drug

Making Murdoch: Summer of ‘75

Yannick Bisson and writers Michelle Ricci and Carol Hay discuss revisiting Murdoch’s past at wilderness camp, and guest star John Paul Ruttan shares what it’s like to play the youn

Making Murdoch: 24 Hours Til Doomsday

Yannick Bisson, guest star Peter Stebbings and writer Paul Aitken discuss the return of fan-favourite James Pendrick, and what his inventions bring to the series.

Making Murdoch: Barenaked Ladies

Hélène Joy and showrunner Peter Mitchell discuss Ogden’s return to the morgue and the introduction of new character Rebecca James, played by Mouna Traoré.

Making Murdoch: Double Life

Go behind the scenes with Georgina Reilly and the cast and crew as they film the life-changing episode, "Double Life."

Making Murdoch: Marked Twain

Go behind the scenes as William Shatner travels back in time to play American legend Mark Twain in Episode 902 of Murdoch Mysteries, “Marked Twain”

Making Murdoch: Nolo Contendere

Get the inside scoop from Yannick Bisson, Jonny Harris, Hélène Joy and showrunner Peter Mitchell on what to expect as Season 9 begins with Crabtree serving hard time in prison

Making Murdoch: Artful Detective

Go behind the scenes of the shocking Season 8 finale on location in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, and hear from the cast as they wrap another season

Making Murdoch: Election Day

Go behind the scenes with Hélène Joy and Georgina Reilly as they bring election day to life on location in Brantford, Ontario; learn more about Margaret Haile and Clara Brett Marti

Making Murdoch: CrabtreeMania

Team Murdoch takes on the world of entertainment wrestling; watch as the real wrestlers featured in this episode, including RJ Skinner and Jaxon Jarvis, stage their stunts

Making Murdoch: Shipwreck

Go inside Murdoch's origin story with Yannick Bisson, Maureen Jennings and the original detective himself, guest star Peter Outerbridge

Making Murdoch: The Incurables

Go behind the scenes with Hélène Joy and some of Murdoch Mysteries’ most notorious female villains on the set of “The Incurables”

Making Murdoch: 100 Episodes

To celebrate 100 episode of Murdoch Mysteries, the cast, crew and fans look back on some of their favourite moments from the series.

Making Murdoch: Glory Days

Go behind the scenes with actor and director Yannick Bisson to see how this episode’s Western-inspired shootout was staged

Making Murdoch: On the Waterfront - Part Two

Explore the process of bringing Toronto’s waterfront back to life through the magic of visual effects; discover the advantages of filming at Cherry Beach; and learn about Clara Bre

Making Murdoch: Blast of Silence

Stunt coordinator Darren Marsman and guest star Tom Barnett describe the process of preparing for the complicated pole stunts featured in this episode

Making Murdoch: The Music of Murdoch

You know and love the theme, now go behind the scenes of how the music for Murdoch Mysteries is created. Plus get a sneak peek of next weeks episode "Kung Fu Crabtree".

Making Murdoch: Unfinished Business 

There's a lot of unfinished business in the world of Murdoch Mysteries, and this episode delves into Murdoch and Ogden's professional and personal history

Making Murdoch: Republic of Murdoch

Murdoch Mysteries visits the Rock in this episode featuring Republic of Doyle’s Allan Hawco as rascal “Jacob Doyle,” complete with a 1901 GTO

Making Murdoch: Loch Ness Murdoch

You’ve heard of the Loch Ness Monster, but did you know that there have been sightings of mysterious creatures in lakes across Canada?

Making Murdoch: The Return of Sherlock

Infamous detective Sherlock Holmes finds himself entwined in another of Murdoch's cases this season. Writer Carol Hay talks about why they brought him back into Murdoch's world

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