Jimmy Get Out: Jimmy & Mr. Leung

Who knew Jimmy could be too clever for his own good. Kicked out of class again, where's he off to now? Starring Gerry Dee, Liam Cyr and Mark Forward.

Jimmy Get Out: Jimmy & Bobbi

After Jimmy and Mr. D have a fierce arm wrestle, Jimmy shows off some other skills with Bobbi. Starring Gerry Dee, Liam Cyr and Naomi Snieckus.

Jimmy Get Out: Jimmy & Bill

When it's his allergies that get him kicked out by Mr. D this week, Jimmy heads to see Bill somewhere he might regret: Barrels.

Jimmy Get Out: Jimmy & Mr. Callaghan

For a second there, it seemed like Mr. D was actually concerned about Jimmy. Maybe not...! On his latest adventure, Jimmy gets down to business with Principal Callaghan.

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