Episode 2x01 Gerry’s Evaluation

When Gerry is evaluated by a member of the board, he must go out of his way to prove that he is great at his job, or risk severe punishment.

Episode 2x02 Late Shift

Gerry takes a second job at Barrels to pay for a new car but struggles to juggle both.

Episode 2x03 World Religions

Gerry's 'World Religions' unit goes off course when he brings his personal views into the classroom.

Episode 2x04 Overnight Trip

Gerry concocts a scheme to get his class to go to Boston so that he and Bill can watch a Celtics game.

Episode 2x05 The Crush

Gerry develops a crush on the Scottish mother of one of his most annoying students.

Episode 2x06 The Other Woman

When Bobbi and her long-term boyfriend Craig break up again, Gerry is there for the rebound... Craig's rebound.

Episode 2x07 The Date

Airs Wednesday 27th February. In gearing up for his big date with Jean McGrory, Gerry is dismissive of Trudy's dating advice.

Episode 2x08 Gerry’s Favourite Couple

Xavier's favourite senior couple, Sean and Miranda ('Searanda'), are on the rocks. Seeing himself in Sean, Gerry decides to meddle in their relationship - they have to stay together or Gerry will suffer a deep personal loss.

Episode 2x09 Poker Night

When Gerry comes across a down and out Daniel Negreanu, he orchestrates a staff poker night in order to get Daniel back on his feet.

Episode 2x10 Staff Retreat

The staff are involved in an elaborate trust game that accidently reveals some of their darkest secrets.

Episode 2x11 Culture Day

Culture Day at Xavier and each teacher has been asked to model their classroom after a country. Gerry pushes for Scotland, only to find that Dwyer already has it.

Episode 2x12 Strip Club

Gerry suspects that Dwyer is moonlighting as a stripper and there's only one way to find out for sure. Gerry and Simon are going to spend a night at the strip club...an all male strip club.

Episode 2x13 Slam Dunk

Gerry tries to convince Bobbi to give him a senior boys basketball team next season. Robert learns that his year end evaluation came with one complaint.

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