Episode 1x01 Pilot

Gerry Duncan has finally gotten a full time teaching position at the prestigious Xavier academy after years of substituting.

Episode 1x02 24 Hour Famine

Gerry volunteers to help staff the 24 Hour Famine event in an effort to spend time with Xavier's hot guidance counselor, Eva MacPhee.

Episode 1x03 Grade the Teacher

Gerry embarks on a campaign to get more positive reviews than Dwyer on gradetheteacher.com.

Episode 1x04 Exam Week

It's exam time at Xavier Academy and Gerry is convinced that he will catch a few students who are known to cheat on their exams.

Episode 1x06 The Dance

Gerry organizes a dance fundraiser to cover some costs for the girls basketball team

Episode 1x07 Job Opportunity

When a job opens up in the phys ed department, Gerry sees his chance at his dream job.

Episode 1x08 Guest Speaker

Gerry needs to find a guest speaker for Career Day, Robert has a fraternity reunion

Episode 1x09 Quiz Cup

Lisa takes over the school's Quiz Cup academic team, and Gerry 'helps' her.

Episode 1x10 Field Trip

Gerry helps Bobbi supervise her Grade 5/6 field trip to the museum, while Jeff and Robert cover his classes back at Xavier.

Episode 1x12 Charity Day

Gerry hosts a boxing match at the school's annual Charity Day.

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