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April 2013 Archives

Sewer backup in Attawapiskat

hi-attawapiskat-sewer-lift-8col.jpg CBC reporter Megan Thomas brings us the latest on the sewage system failure in the James Bay community and it's impact on the local hospital. Listen audio (runs 4:09)

Elliot Lake mall roof was ordered to be fixed in 2006

The inquiry heard Monday that municipal building officials were aware of problems at the Algo Centre, but didn't follow up. Listen audio (runs 4:31)

Ottawa Report Apr 30

Senior Political Writer for cbc.ca Laura Payton talks about the federal government's decision make changes to Canada's temporary foreign worker program. Listen audio (runs 5:01)

Theatrical clean up of Sudbury's Junction Creek

The Junction Creek Stewardship Committee is going to "dramatic" lengths to get more people involved in its annual clean up. Find out how theatre and garbage will come together at Sudbury's Junction Creek to provide a unique clean up experience. Listen audio (runs 5:07)

The impact of lower water levels in the Great Lakes

Dock at  lakefront lodge on Manitoulin Island.JPG Meet a Sudbury scientist who's studied water levels on the Great Lakes. Al Douglas has a waterfront lodge on Manitoulin Island so he knows the impact of the dropping water line. Listen audio (runs 8:45)

Homer Seguin's legacy

Homer Seguin will no doubt be remembered as a person who fought for health and safety issues in the labour world. The CBC's Hilary Duff spoke to some labour leaders in attendance at Homer Seguin's funeral about his legacy. Listen audio (runs 5:26)

Trades trailer in high demand

trades trailer A mobile classroom developed by Cambrian College a few years ago is racking up a lot of mileage travelling to Northern Ontario communities in needs of skilled tradespeople. Listen audio (runs 4:53)

Tax assessment woes for Elk Lake

Espanola isn't the only Northern Ontario community facing a budget crunch because a big industrial taxpayer has been re-assessed. We check in with Terry Fiset, reeve of the Township of James-Elk Lake Listen audio (runs 6:32)

Remembering Homer Seguin

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for hi-homer-seguin-852.jpg A montage of interviews with the late labour leader from the CBC Sudbury archives. Listen audio (runs 5:04)

Kapuskasing mine closing

We check in with the Agrium phosphate mine outside of Kapuskasing as it winds down operations after 14 years. Listen audio (runs 6:12)

Low water levels in the Great Lakes

Water levels in Lake Huron are at record lows this year. A group called the International Joint Committee has studied the dropping water levels and says Canadian and US governments should intervene to bring the levels up. We spoke about it with Mary Muter of the Great Lakes section of the Sierra Club. Listen audio (runs 8:27)

When is a city council meeting illegal?

Secret or private council meetings have been in the news lately... First in Sudbury and now in Elliot Lake. Are they legal? We spoke to Linda Williamson, who works for the Ombudsman, about when a city council meeting is considered illegal. Listen audio (runs 5:08)

Changing the face of recreation in the community of Lively

Some big changes are being proposed for the community of Lively. The Walden Community Action Network is organizing a public meeting to look at the idea of building a new recreation centre in the community. Listen audio (runs 5:08)

Vermillion River water levels rising in Sudbury

Sudbury residents living along the Vermillion River are worried they could become flood victims. The CBC's Steven Howard spoke with a few of the residents who are watching the shoreline carefully. Listen audio (runs 5:02)

Mental health nurses in schools

16 mental health nurses have been assigned to high schools across Northeastern Ontario. We speak with Sue Cecchini from the Community Care Access Centre, who is overseeing this new program. Listen audio (runs 7:12)

Walking for organ donation

Andre Senechal.jpg We meet Sudbury chiropractor Andre Senechal who will be at the Michael O'Reilly Walk for a Second Chance this weekend and has personal experience with transplantation. Listen audio (runs 6:24)

Farming, there's an app for that

We meet a Northern Ontario farmer who developed a smartphone application to help growers organize their operations. Listen audio (runs 4:48)

Remembering Stephen Perry

To mark the National Day of Mourning for people killed on the job, a CBC documentary from Newfoundland about the family of a miner killed in Sudbury last year. Listen audio (runs 6:24)

The smelt are running... and frying

smelt.jpg We check in with Jeff Scott from the Magnetawan Lions Club about the group's famous annual smelt fry Listen audio (runs 4:24)

Chelmsford waiting on health clinic

The Greater Sudbury community of Chelmsford has been dealing with a doctor shortage for years and it's being prolonged by delays in opening a Family Health Team clinic. Listen audio (runs 6:08)

Pumpkin season starts

pumpkinseedsWe kick off our annual giant pumpkin seed givewaway, by meeting the Sudbury area grower who gave us those seeds. Listen audio (runs 7:58)

Queen's Park Report (Apr. 25)

CBC provincial affairs specialist Robert Fisher on how "budget" and "election" are sharing the same sentence at Queen's Park. Listen audio (runs 7:45)

Update on Chi-Cheemaun delays

chi-cheemaun.jpg Reporter Megan Thomas tries to get to the bottom of why exactly the Tobermory-to-Manitoulin ferry won't start sailing next month as scheduled. Listen audio (runs 4:23)

Espanola to cut crossing guards

The budget-strapped small town is looking to lay-off its crossing guards in order to balance the books. Reporter Hilary Duff talks to a municipal official and a concerned school board trustee. Listen audio (runs 6:07)

Platelets donation program closing in Sudbury

Canadian Blood Services has announced it will stop collecting platelets at its Sudbury office. We find out why from the agency's chief operating officer Ian Mumford and what this means for donors, nurses and cancer patients in the North. Listen audio (runs 6:15)

Sudbury Youth Orchestra off to England

Jamie Arrowsmith Music director and conductor Jamie Arrowsmith tells us about an upcoming concert and how an orchestra travels overseas. Listen audio (runs 5:47)

Checking the water levels

We get an update on flooding in the Northeast from the mayors of the water-logged towns of Huntsville and Markstay-Warren, as well as the Ministry of Natural Resources. Listen audio (runs 10:45)

Ready for rhubarb?

rhubarb.jpg Dietician Tammy Cheguis visits with a chat about another springtime vegetable (and yes it is a vegetable)-- rhubarb. Listen audio (runs 5:26)

School board blames enrolment drop on labour strife

The Rainbow District School Board in Sudbury is expecting fewer students this fall and says the months-long fight between the province and teachers' unions is the reason. Reporter Hilary Duff speaks with education director Norm Blaseg. Listen audio (runs 6:45)

Chi-Cheemaun to start season at the dock

Low water levels on Lake Huron are keeping the Tobermory-to-Manitoulin ferry from starting its runs across Georgian Bay this spring. We hear from the company that runs the ferry service and a concerned Manitoulin Island business owner. Listen audio (runs 7:29)

Parking on Elm Street for another 2 years

downtown parking.jpeg Tape from last night's Sudbury city council meeting, where the divisive downtown parking experiment from last summer was extended. Listen audio (runs 6:13)

Engineer charged in Elliot Lake mall collapse

The latest twist at the ongoing inquiry in Elliot Lake sees one of the engineers represented at the proceedings charged under provincial health and safety laws. Listen audio (runs 3:06)

National Volunteer Week

We're highlighting National Volunteer Week by talking to Jacinda McLean of Volunteer Sudbury about some of the events happening in the nickel city to mark the efforts of volunteers. She also spoke about how people can become volunteers. Listen audio (runs 4:48)

Big Brother found

Melanie MacDougall and ten-year-old son Brayden We've heard about the struggles Big Brothers Big Sisters is having finding volunteers. Now a success story. Listen audio (runs 5:29)

Roads or arenas?

How should Sudbury spend federal infrastructure money this time around? The CBC's Erik White explains where the money went last time around. Listen audio (runs 7:17)

MP report with Glenn Thibeault

Sudbury's member of parliament tells Markus why he won't vote on the Conservative's anti-terrorist bill, and he talks about his work to remove taxes on imported hockey helmets. Listen audio (runs 3:58)

Alysena 28 recall

Certain birth control pills were recalled earlier this month. We take a trip to a Sudbury pharmacy to talk about Health Canada's recall earlier this month of the Alysena 28 birth control pills. Listen audio (runs 5:12)

Remember the term "stimulus spending"?

The federal government is dangling infrastructure money and the province is expected to as well in its upcoming budget. So what will this mean for Greater Sudbury? Listen audio (runs 7:34)

Big Brothers needed

Thumbnail image for Josh Kollmel There are nearly 50 little brothers in Sudbury waiting for role models. We hear the story of Josh Kollmel who is a graduate of the program. Listen audio (runs 7:25)

Award winning radio

Hilary getting award CBC Sudbury won big at this year's RTDNA awards! Reporter Hilary Duff won for her series on male survivors of sexual abuse. Markus won for his documentary on a local man with cerebral palsy.

Listen to a sample from Hilary's series here audio (runs 3:23).

Markus' full documentary can be heard here audio (runs 7:21).

Canadian charge d'affaires has ties to northeast

A woman from Sudbury is establishing Canada's diplomatic relations with Iraq. Listen audio (runs 6:35)

Poop Patrol

We'll hear from the man who's job it is to make sure you're cleaning up after your dog. And we'll find out how much you can be fined if you don't (It's more than you think!) Listen audio (runs 3:33)

Flood warning remains in effect

Heavy rain in Sudbury and North Bay has residents in those cities bracing for rain. Markus checks in with the CBC's Megan Thomas, and also hears why flooding can mean wastewater being funnelled into the environment. Listen audio (runs 10:36)
North Bay and Sudbury under flood warning

The Open Studio

We pay a visit to Cambrian College's brand new downtown graphic design space. Listen audio (runs 7:15)

Natural resources TV channel

The folks behind Natural Resources television want to be available to everyone in the country. Why? And what exactly is this channel? Listen audio (runs 5:57)

Composer brings unique sounds to Sudbury concert

Markus sits down with the director of the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra to get a preview of this weekend's concert. Listen audio (runs 6:54)

The piano mechanic

What does playing the piano and fixing big truck engines have in common? David Merleau bring us the final story in his series Nickel City Nostalgia. Listen audio (runs 4:50)
Piano Mechanic Bill Heathcote

All dressed up

All the glitz and glam of prom, without having to worry about the cost of a dress! We hear about a Sudbury initiative called All Dressed Up. Listen audio (runs 5:56)
All dressed up

Flood watch

Junction Creek With rainfall warnings across much of northeastern Ontario, the CBC's Megan Thomas heads out to Junction Creek in Sudbury where she talks flooding with Markus. Listen audio (runs 6:30)

MPP Report - Vic Fedeli

Vic Fedeli says his party was right all along when it suggested the cost of cancelling power plants in southern Ontario was much higher than the Liberal party suggested. The province's auditor general is crunching the numbers in Queen's Park. Listen audio (runs 9:11)

Moving beyond the abuse

We hear about a conference taking place in Sudbury for male survivors of sexual abuse. Listen audio (runs 7:26)

Fashion and art in one show

Lona Dabous and Stella Marcotta Two art forms collide this weekend in Sudbury as artists will walk down the catwalk wearing designer dresses. Markus has the organizers in studio. Listen audio (runs 6:29)

History unearthed

Pat Cameron David Merleau has the story of a Garson man who listens for tell-tale beeps to dig up a little of Sudbury's past. Listen audio (runs 5:12)

Le Voyageur expanding

The 45-year-old francophone newspaper is expanding to include more of northeastern Ontario. Listen audio (runs 4:09)

Cork boards not enough

It turns out a pilot project to keep elk off train tracks near Sudbury has NOT been going well. A Cambrian College biologist would like more help from the provincial government in protecting the animals. Listen audio (runs 7:28)

The cost behind the answers

The Algo Centre Mall before it was demolished How much money is the Elliot Lake public inquiry costing you - the tax payer? The CBC's Amy Dodge has obtained the budget. Listen audio (runs 3:44)

Rita MacNeil dies at age 68

Rita MacNeil The canadian singer died from complications following surgery. Markus got to speak with her before a northern Ontario tour in 2001. Listen audio (runs 4:03)

Workplace safety experts in Sudbury

Peter Strahlendorf We all care about workplace safety in the wake of a tragedy. But how do you make people in a workplace think about it all the time? Markus speaks with an expert who's in Sudbury to talk at a conference. Listen audio (runs 9:01)

Back to basics

Washboard Rocker Lori Paradis David Merleau brings us story number two in his series - Nickel City Nostalgia. This one: all about a musician who truly wants to get back to the basics. Listen audio (runs 4:14)

Racing into danger

Two bombs exploded at Boston Marathon Sault Ste Marie's Linda Walsh and her husband had just finished running the Boston Marathon when two bombs went off. Listen audio (runs 6:38)

Helping the herd

Can anything be done to prevent elk deaths along the rail line south of Sudbury? Markus hears about a project from Cambrian College that is designed to keep people elks off the track. Listen audio (runs 7:52)

Should strollers be folded up on city buses?

We go for a spin in the strollers of Greater Sudbury which right now, have to be folded up on a city bus. But that might be changing. We'll hear from city councillors and concerned moms. Listen audio (runs 4:30)

MP Report with Bryan Hayes

Sault Ste Marie member of parliament Bryan Hayes joins Markus for the MP report. First he explains why he doesn't like attack ads... even though his own party launched one against Justin Trudeau. Listen audio (runs 6:09)

Race day in Callander

Reporter David Merleau has the story of a tiny Farrari driver.... The first in his four-part series called Nickel City Nostalgia. Listen audio (runs 4:59)

Race day in Callandar

Are you a distracted driver?

Mark Andrews The OPP are looking for your stories of near misses on the road. It's part of a distracted driving campaign that launches today. Listen audio (runs 11:06)

"We came to witness a total slaughter"

Cambrian College Joseph Hamr tells Markus about his study on elk near Sudbury and how he came across five that were killed on a railroad. Listen audio (runs 7:20)
A dead elk along a rail line south of Sudbury

Hockey a popular 'summer' sport

Spring and summer sports for kids are starting up. But one of the most popular leagues might surprise you. Reporter Erik White tells us more. Listen audio (runs 7:09)
Hockey is a popular summer sport thanks to a new 3-on-3 league

Nickel City Nostalgia

CBC intern David Merleau talks about a series he created which will be running all this week. Listen audio (runs 5:07)

Cliffs vice president excited and frustrated

The man behind the Ring of Fire says he's optimistic about Bob Rae, and just a little frustrated with Kathleen Wynne. CBC reporter Jody Reporter spoke to Cliffs Natural Resources vice president Bill Boor. Listen audio (runs 5:14)

Dragon fruit and pomegranate for breakfast

We visit Holy Cross school where unconventional snack offerings convince kids to eat their fruits & veggies. Listen audio (runs 6:15)
Fruit for breakfast at Holy Cross School

The future of the mining town

A new gold mine near Gogama... might mean more people living in Timmins and Sudbury... the CBC's Erik White explains why mining towns may be a thing of the past. Listen audio (runs 7:15)

Martha finds a doctor

Finding a doctor in northeastern Ontario can be a challenge, as the CBC's Martha Dillman explained last week. Coming up on Morning North, Martha will provide an update with her story. Listen audio (runs 7:39)

Rain repairs continue in Wawa

It could take as long as two years to finish repairing flood damage after torrential rains last fall in Wawa. Listen audio (runs 6:13)


No car? No problem. Later in the show, we find out why more tourists from southern Ontario could be visiting some of our provincial parks this summer. Listen audio (runs 8:14)

Becoming bear proof

Joseph Hamr Markus attended a conference on nuisance bears and spoke with a Cambrian College biologist who helped Elliot Lake change its garbage bylaws. Listen audio (runs 7:00)

"I think we're very close"

Former Ontario cabinet minister John Snobelen is negotiating with Sudbury Downs on behalf of the province. He says there likely will be horse racing at Sudbury Downs this year and a an announcement is coming shortly. Listen audio (runs 6:43)

Weekly Report from Queen's Park

Rick Bartolucci says now that he's no longer a cabinet minister... he is focusing his time on funding for Science North and graduation spaces at Laurentian University. Listen audio (runs 6:28)

Why do kids behave the way they do?

Sudbury's health unit is bringing in a psychiatrist to answer questions about the way kids behave. First she joins Markus on the phone. Listen audio (runs 7:00)

Health Sciences North's "Granny video"

"Granny Video" explores one woman's visit to hospital Registration woes and navigation no-no's. Sudbury's hospital released a video of an elderly patient registering for appointments. Listen audio (runs 7:42)

Vale birds are moving on

Falcon nesting on Vale site Mining giant Vale is watching for the return of some unique birds that have chosen an abandoned industrial building for their nest. Listen audio (runs 4:18)

Spring slow in northeastern Ontario

Snow is still a common site in parts of northern Ontario. With piles of snow still on the ground in northern Ontario... The CBC's Megan Thomas asks the question - Is spring later than usual this year? Listen audio (runs 6:43)

New president chosen at Cambrian College

The Sudbury-based school has a new president. Peter Lawlor will take over the job this summer. First he has a chat with the CBC's Erik White. Listen audio (runs 6:19)

Bear wise

Markus hears about a public forum in Sudbury which will help residents prepare for bear season. Listen audio (runs 6:41)

Unlikely Radicals

Member of Parliament Charlie Angus tells Markus about his new book. He was part of a protest that erupted after politicians tried to turn an abandoned mine in Temiskaming into a garbage dump. Listen audio (runs 7:35)

Coping with cancer

 Anne Marie Muraska started Sisterhood of Hope in 2009. A two-time cancer survivor joins Markus to discuss her cancer support group, the Sisterhood of Hope. Listen audio (runs 7:48)

Former Elliot Lake mall owner joins Markus

Algoma Central built two malls in northern Ontario that have had cave-ins... The company's chief financial officer is Markus' guest after his company participated in the Elliot Lake mall collapse inquiry. Listen audio (runs 5:21)

Life in the trenches

A man who was military consultant on Steven Spielberg's "War Horse" is in North Bay. He'll tell Markus about a trench he built to simulate conditions endured by soldiers who fought in World War I. Listen audio (runs 5:37)

New stilt troupe in Sudbury

Stilts.jpg There are some taller-than-average teens strolling around the YMCA gym twice a week in Sudbury. Hilary Duff meets Sudbury's new stilt walkers. Listen audio (runs 5:11)

Spelling bee champs crowned

Junior champion Brendan Matusch. Is it spelled Briar or Brier? And what is antidisestablishmentarianism? Markus probes the minds of Sudbury's best young spellers to find the answers. Listen audio (runs 4:42)

Changes coming to iconic fundraiser

Daffodil Month - the Canadian Cancer Society's annual fundraiser - is in full bloom. But this is the last year the Daffodil flowers will be sold! Markus finds out more. Listen audio (runs 6:16) daffadil.jpg

"Astounding" greed in Sudbury fraud case

A Sudbury man pleaded guilty to what could be the city's largest ever fraud case. Markus speaks with reporter Megan Thomas. Listen audio (runs 6:03)

A chilling connection

Two malls that collapsed in northern Ontario were both built by the same engineer... Amy Dodge has more from a public inquiry in Elliot Lake. Listen audio (runs 4:42)

"We couldn't be prouder"

It's celebration time in Sault Ste Marie after a local curling rink finished second at the World Curling Championship. Markus speaks with the president of the Sault Curler's Association. Listen audio (runs 9:36)

Brad Jacobs and his rink

Make room for ATV 2.0

Side-by-side ATV.JPG A new kind of car-like ATV is blazing its own trail in the ATV market. It's known as the side-by-side but provincial laws don't consider it an ATV yet. We hear more from the CBC's Erik White. Listen audio (runs 6:12)

Sudbury billboard targets sex-worker clients

project Peace billboard .JPG A new sex-work related billboard in Sudbury sends a message to Johns, the clients of sex-workers. The CBC's Hilary Duff talked to a spokesperson for the organization responsible for the billboard. Listen audio (runs 6:26)

What's your Health Care Connect experience?

People from northeastern Ontario are speaking up about their experience with Health Care Connect, after CBC reporter Martha Dillman shared her experience in trying to find a family doctor. Listen audio (runs 6:56)

Oil spill near White River

The clean up continues after a train that derailed near White River this week spilled 63 thousand litres of oil. We have audio from a spokesperson for the Transportation Safety board of Canada. Listen audio (runs 2:40)

Canada Writes Hyperlocal Contest

Canada writes hyperlocal.jpg The CBC wants you to put your mark on a "digital story map". You could win a prize. We spoke with Christopher DiRaddo, an editor with Canada Writes to get some details about "Hyperlocal" a new digital story map and writing contest. Listen audio (runs 7:16)

Listener reaction to West-East oil pipeline

We played back some listener reaction to news that a natural gas pipeline that crosses the north could be converted to carry oil from Alberta. We also had some archive audio from 1979 when the natural gas pipeline was in the news. Listen audio (runs 5:32)

Queen's Park Report (Apr 4)

Our Queen's Park Report with Provincial Affairs Specialist Robert Fisher looks at Kathleen Wynne's popularity, Ontario teachers in talks with the province, and the death of MPP Peter Kormos. Listen audio (runs 7:17)

Educators use Zumba program to get kids moving

SPARK  kids.jpg A Zumba program at five public elementary schools in Sudbury is giving kids the extra boost of energy they need to start their day. The CBC's Hilary Duff checked out what's being called a SPARK session at one of the schools. Listen audio (runs 5:29)

Learning more about Johns - clients of sex workers

A new group in Sudbury is meeting to learn more about Johns... the clients of sex workers. Acting Sgt. Randy Hosken dropped by the studio to tell us more about the benefits of understanding what motivates men to pay for sex. Listen audio (runs 6:14)

The challenges of finding a family doctor

Can't find a family doctor? You're not alone. The province has a program to connect people with doctors, but some say its not working. The CBC's Martha Dillman shared her personal story of trying to find a family doctor. Listen audio (runs 6:52)

An intimate evening of food and music

Dawn Cattapan 2.jpg "Perfect Pairings" is the title of a concert by the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra String Quartet. The event is a pairing of great cheese and great music. The executive Director of the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra, Dawn Cattapan, was in our studio to tell us more. Listen audio (runs 6:26)

Strong start for Northern Ontario team at World Curling Championships

The team from Northern Ontario is rocking the World Curling Championships in Victoria so far. We checked in with the father of two of the curling team members to get his thoughts on the performance of the Brad Jacobs rink. Listen audio (runs 6:51)

Motion to slow down Ontario's gaming expansion passed

We spoke with the NDP MPP for Essex about a motion he introduced in parliament to slow down the expansion of gaming in Ontario. We also got an update on negotiation to bring horse racing back to Sudbury Downs the manager of Ontario Harness Horse Racing. Listen audio (runs 9:31)

West-East oil pipeline to run through Northern Ontario

Alberta oil could one day run through a pipeline that crosses parts of Northern Ontario. It would run through a converted natural gas pipeline. We spoke to a spokesperson for the company that is implementing plans for a West-East oil pipeline. Listen audio (runs 10:16)

Sudbury's Elm Street parking experiment extended

Elm Street Parking in Sudbury.jpeg Greater Sudbury Operations Committee evaluated the experiment of parking on Elm Street in the city's downtown. After debating the issue, a decision was made to continue the experiment. We have some of that debate. Listen audio (runs 3:51)

Theatre production examines teen mental health

Blag Dog 4 VS The World cast members.jpeg A production at the Sudbury Theatre Centre puts the spotlight on teen mental health. The production Black Dog: 4 vs the World looks at issues of suicide and depression amongst young people. The CBC's Hilary Duff dropped in on a rehearsal of the production. Listen audio (runs 6:18)

Laurentian University's master plan

Antonio Gomez-Palacio_Left and Tamas Zsolnay_Right.jpg An open house event will be held at Laurentian University to get input on the university's master plan. We spoke about Laurentian University's master plan with Tamas Zsolnay, Chair of the Master Planning Advisory Board and Antonio Gomez-Palacio, an urban planner with the company Dialogue, hired by the university to help develop the master plan. Listen audio (runs 10:49)

Follow this link to Laurentian University's Campus Master Plan web page.

Finding the writer in you

Heather Campbell.jpg A workshop series in Sudbury helps writers hone their skills. We spoke with Heather Campbell who facilitates the workshops and helps writers find their creative edge. Listen audio (runs 5:50)

Adopting wild animals as pets

Rod Jouppi.jpg Dr. Rod Jouppi, Veterinarian with the Walden Animal Hospital and founder of Wild at Heart says it's a problem he see almost every spring... the adoption of wild baby animals. He says those cute and cudley animals are usually best left in the wild. Listen audio (runs 8:34)

This could be a banner year for fur traders

It's been a record year already for the Fur Harvesters Auction house in North Bay. We spoke with the CEO of Fur Harvesters Auction in North Bay Mark Downey about the state of the fur industry. Listen audio (runs 7:54)

Ottawa Report (Apr 2)

In our Ottawa Report with Ottawa Bureau Chief for The Canadian Press Rob Russo, we look back on Tom Mulcair's first year as leader of the Official Opposition N-D-P. Listen audio (runs 7:08)

Sudbury ATV Association wants trail system in the city

atv enthusiasts.jpg A Greater Sudbury bylaw allowing ATV users access to some city streets is up for review. A decision on the bylaw will be taken later this spring. ATV enthusiasts are saying they'll need a network of trails in the city to gain access to trails. Listen audio (runs 7:15)

Sudbury parish reaction to criminal charges against minister

St. Stephen's On The Hill United Church 2.jpg Last week the minister at St. Stephen's On The Hill United Church in Sudbury was charged with manslaughter and failing to provide the necessities of life in connection with the death of his wife two years ago. The CBC's Hilary Duff attended one of the church's Easter ceremonies to see how the parish is handling the news. Listen audio (runs 6:37)

Being Fooled - taken by scammers

We make a call to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and find out how being fooled by a scammer can cost you big bucks. We spoke with Daniel Williams, senior call centre supervisor at the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre in North Bay. Listen audio (runs 9:12)

Being Fooled - David Suzuki gets pranked on the radio

On April 1st 1978, esteemed environmentalist David Suzuki fell to a prank in the form of a radio interview. We pulled this one from the CBC archives. Listen audio (runs 3:11)

Being Fooled - CBC Ottawa April Fools gags

We spoke to a couple of our colleagues from CBC in Ottawa about some of the April Fools gags they've pulled on their listeners. Listen audio (runs 12:16)

Being Fooled - Pranking at work

Practical jokes aren't always a good idea in the workplace. We spoke to Julian Barling a professor of Organizational Behaviour at the Queen's School of Business and an expert on healthy workplaces, about when it's appropriate to joke around. Listen audio (runs 4:42)

Being Fooled - Pranking and advertising

Advertising guru and host of "Under the Influence" Terry O'Reilly talks about how the prank can be used effectively in advertising. Listen audio (runs 10:25)

Being Fooled - Love Boat prank in Thunder Bay

On April Fools day in the mid 1980's, two young guys working at a private radio station in Thunder Bay managed to fool the community and even the mayor into thinking that the Love Boat would be making a stop there. We spoke to Larry Hennessy about the prank. Listen audio (runs 7:05)

Being Fooled - When a prank crosses the line

There's a fine line between a good prank and a joke gone bad. we spoke about that with Frank Farley. He's a psychologist who researches humour. Listen audio (runs 5:41)

Being Fooled - Addicted to April Fools day

Our April 1st program Being Fooled featured Mike Evans of Windsor. He pulls pranks on his friends and family every year on April Fools day. He spoke with Markus Schwabe about some of the April Fools pranks he's played on family and friends over the years. Listen audio (runs 5:37)