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December 2012 Archives

Top ten news stories of 2012... according to your clicks

You helped pick the top ten news stories for 2012 simply by visiting our website and clicking on those that interested you. Our webwriter Wendy Bird has compiled the numbers and gives us a run down of the list. Listen audio (runs 7:37)

Midwife says Elliot lake needs her services

A midwife in Elliot Lake is pushing the government to fund midwifery care in her community. So far, the Ministry of Health hasn't delivered. Tammy Roberts spoke about it with the CBC's Jessica Pope. Listen audio (runs 7:32)

3 day mining training program

If you want to be an underground miner in Ontario, you only need three days of training. The mandatory training to be an underground miner in this province was quietly shortened a year ago. Some say it isn't enough. CBC reporter Erik White tells us more. Listen audio (runs 5:41)

Northern MPP priorities for 2013

We checked in with our Northern Members of Provincial Parliament to get their thoughts on 2012 and to find out what their priorities will be for 2013. Listen audio (runs 5:24)

Idle No More continues to build momentum

The Idle No More movement is continuing to build momentum. The call for change by aboriginal people is getting louder. In the north, flash mobs and highway blockades are taking place in support of the movement. CBC reporter Hilary Duff has been following the story. Listen audio (runs 8:48)

Check out this short video of the round dance held at the New Sudbury Centre mall.

Snowmobile trail system at risk

The sale of snowmobile permits are down across the province. Some blame the warmer weather. We spoke with the president of the Sudbury Trail Plan Association about the consequences of having fewer people taking part in the sport. Listen audio (runs 6:54)

Sturgeon Falls 10 years after the mill closure

It's been 10 years since the Weyerhaeuser paper mill in Sturgeon Falls was shut down. Many thought the community would become a ghost town but that hasn't turned out to be the case. The CBC's Erik White caught up with some of the people we spoke to at the time of the mill closure. Listen audio (runs 7:01)

Walleye restrictions on Lake Nipissing have local business owners upset

The province's decision to restrict walleye fishing on Lake Nipissing has local business owners taking action. We spoke with Scott Nelson who owns and operates Glen Echo Cottages about what he and other local business owners plan to do about the restrictions. Listen audio (runs 7:40)

No Boxing Day shopping for Sudbury this year, but...

While most of the shoppers in the province were out shopping on Boxing Day, shoppers in Sudbury and the Sault were forced to wait an extra day to get in on the savings. That could soon change in Sudbury. We checked in with a local retailer and a big chain store to see how the change would affect them. Listen audio (runs 7:05)

Christmas Card on the Air

Christmas Card on the Air.jpg If you slept in and missed our Christmas Card on the Air, you can still have a listen to hear if anyone left you a greeting.
6:00 to 7:00 am Listen audio (runs 27:25)
7:00 to 8:00 am Listen audio (runs 32:19)
8:00 to 8:30 am Listen audio (runs 17:11)

Idle No More Sudbury

IDLE NO MORE PANEL.JPG The grass roots movement Idle No More is gaining steam. It's a campaign, largely organized through social media, to help bring attention to grievances First Nations people have with the federal government. The CBC's Megan Thomas spoke with three young First Nations people in Sudbury who've joined the campaign. Listen audio (runs 17:52)

New marketing slogan for Timmins

TIMMINS BRANDING.jpg The city of Timmins has come up with a new marketing slogan: "I'm in". What does it mean? and how will it bring more people to town? We asked the mayor of Timmins Tom Laughren. Listen audio (runs 6:57)