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Morning North
with Markus Schwabe

Positive connections with police over coffee

The Greater Sudbury Police Service has a program that involves local police officer having informal coffee conversations with the public. The program is known as "Positive Connections". The CBC's Hilary Duff went to one of the sessions to find out more. Listen audio (runs 5:04)

Municipal tax bills in the Northeast

CBC Reporter Erik White has been going over the budgets and tax rates for the four major cities in the Northeast. He joined us in studio to tell us what taxpayers in those communities can expect to see on their municipal tax bill. Listen audio (runs 8:43)

Commemorating the genocide in Rwanda

Mary Katherine Keown-1.jpg There will be a night in Sudbury to commemorate the genocide in Rwanda 20 years ago. We spoke about it with Mary Katherine Keown. It was her idea to hold the event. Listen audio (runs 6:00)

Report from Queen's Park - Rick Bartolucci

We spoke with the Liberal MPP for Sudbury, Rick Bartolucci for this edition of Report from Queen's Park. We asked him about a million dollar announcement, why the finance minister was in Sudbury this week, and the four-laning of Highway 69. Listen audio (runs 8:34)

Riding bikes on the sidewalk

Rachelle Niemela 2.jpg The city of Peterborough is considering the idea of allowing cyclists to ride on the sidewalks. Could that work in a city like Sudbury? We spoke with Rachelle Niemela of the Sudbury Cyclists Union to get her impressions about the idea. Listen audio (runs 7:39)

Saving Sunshine the goat

Yan and Sunshine the goat.jpg Sunshine the goat is a family pet, but to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, he's a threat and needs to be put down. Yan Robert runs the Pie Bird Vegan Farmstay in Nipissing Village. He's owns the goat and explained why Sunshine's life is at risk. Listen audio (runs 6:52)

Photo: Yan Robert and Sunshine the goat(courtesy of savesunshine.ca)

Cheating phone-in

We've been looking at the issue of students cheating in universities. We opened up the phone lines and took your calls about academic dishonesty. We had Arthur Perlini, the Dean of Algoma University and professor of psychology start the conversation. Listen audio (runs 17:31)

How welcoming is downtown Sudbury?

Elizabeth Aho.jpg A student at Laurentian University just completed research of inclusion and exclusion in Sudbury's downtown. The research looks at how welcoming the downtown is. Elizabeth Aho joined us in studio to tell us more about her research. Listen audio (runs 5:39)

Nurse practitioners opting to leave community settings

exam room 1.jpg Higher paying jobs are luring nurse practitioners from community settings to work in hospitals and long-term care homes. We spoke about it with Roger Pilon, a professor of nursing at Laurentian University and himself a nurse practitioner. Listen audio (runs 6:18)

Photo: Exam room at Sudbury and District Nurse Practitioner Clinic in Lively

Planting season delayed for farmers

Stuart McCall Apr 23.JPG A cold, wet start to spring has farmers hoping for better weather in the weeks to come. The CBC's Megan Thomas checked in with Stuart McCall of McGrows Farms in Garson to see how far behind the growing season is this year. Listen audio (runs 5:07)