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Morning North
with Markus Schwabe

Candidates debate - the spring bear hunt

David Robinson and Paula Peroni.jpg We have another excerpt from the candidates debate held at St Andrews Place in Sudbury. Green candidate David Robinson and PC Candidate Paula Peroni were pitted against each other in our head to head segment, on the topic of the spring bear hunt. Listen audio (runs 5:12)

Photo: Green Candidate David Robinson(left) and PC candidate Paula Peroni(right)

Does Sudbury really need a PET scanner?

A PET scanner for Sudbury has become an issue in the current by-election. What would it cost... and who would use it? The CBC's Megan Thomas was in our studio with a closer look at the push for a PET scanner for the hospital in Sudbury. Listen audio (runs 8:21)

STC play features an actor that never appears on stage

Matthew Thomas Walker and Mariel Marshall.jpg The play Mourning Dove, currently running at the Sudbury Theatre Centre, features an actor with a strange role. She has no lines and never appears on stage. We heard from the director of the play, and from Mariel Marshal who plays that special role. Listen audio (runs 6:42)

Photo: Director, Matthew Thomas Walker(left) and Actor, Mariel Marshall(right)

Independent Living trying to be more self-sufficient

Rob DiMeglio 05.jpg The group called Independent Living helps Sudburians with disabilities become more self-sufficent. The agency itself is also trying to be less dependent on charitable money. It's executive director, Rob DiMeglio, joined us in studio to explain. Listen audio (runs 7:18)

Candidates debate - carbon tax and climate change

candidates debate 03.jpg More highlights from the by-election debate we held at St Andrews Place in Sudbury... The governing Liberals are musing about bringing in a carbon tax. Our candidates talked about a carbon tax and climate change. We have that portion of the debate for you. Listen audio (runs 8:00)

Photo: St Andrews Place was packed for the candidates debate. (Yvon Theriault/Radio-Canada)

OEB consulting northerners about pipeline

The Ontario Energy Board has been consulting people in the north this week to find out what they have to say about a potential oil pipeline through the region. John McGrath, the spokesperson for the OEB consultations, gave us more details. Listen audio (runs 5:23)

Report from Queen's Park with Robert Fisher

Provincial Affairs Specialist Robert Fisher joined us for our Report from Queen's Park. He talked about recorded conversations and politics after independent candidate Andrew Olivier released recordings of conversations he had with Liberal party members. Listen audio (runs 6:36)

Province taking CN to court over Timmins 9 fire in 2012

The Ministry of Natural Resources wants CN Rail to pay 38 million dollars in compensation for the Timmins 9 fire back in 2012. The province says the massive forest fire was started by CN Rail. The CBC's Megan Thomas told us more. Listen audio (runs 5:45)

Candidates debate - integrity

Thibeault - Shawbonquit -  Olivier.JPG We have some highlights from the candidates debate we held at St Andrews Place in Sudbury. Integrity has become an issue in the by-election... largely because of two candidates, Andrew Olivier and Glenn Thibeault. This is an exchange they had on the subject of integrity. Listen audio (runs 7:11)

Photo: (left to right)Liberal Glenn thibeault, New Democrat Suzanne Shawbonquit, and Independent Andrew Olivier (Erik White/CBC)

STC production examines the issue of mercy killing

Matthew Thomas Walker 01.jpg The Sudbury Theatre Centre is presenting a production of the play Mourning Dove. The play was inspired by the Robert Latimer story and puts the issue of mercy killing front and center. We spoke about the play with director Matthew Thomas Walker. Listen audio (runs 7:50)