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A Slice of Saskatchewan Winter Life

Sheila speaks with a professional barbecuer, the manager of a battery shop, and a construction worker to find out how they are dealing with the brutally cold temperatures we are experiencing in Saskatchewan.  Be sure to check out their tips on how to be a winter warrior this winter by clicking on this story.

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Winter BBQ Tips from Kent Hanson

- Use charcoal and wood chunks for added flavour.

- Make sure your BBQ is sheltered from the cold wind.

- You will use twice as much fuel in the winter compared to summer. Be sure to have a full propane tank or plenty of charcoal bags close by.

Car Battery Tips from Terry Potter

- Check your battery terminals to ensure they are clean.

- Plug your block heater in for 90 minutes to 2 hours.

- Charge your battery occassionally if you make short, frequent drives in the city.

- A maintenance charger, which mounts onto your battery, will ensure it is fully charged.  Plug it in at the same time as your block heater to top up your battery. They cost around 65 dollars.

How To Stay Warm Outdoors from Eric de Waal

- Heated jackets, which use cordless batteries, are a great way to keep your upper-body nice and warm while on the construction site.

- Disposal, thin cotton gloves keep your hands warm while allowing you to use your fingers on the job.  Eric recommends you wear two pairs of these gloves, which you can buy in a pack of 15 for ten dollars. 


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