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Top 10 Reasons To Attend Sunday's West Division Semi-Final

This Sunday, the Riders host the BC Lions in the West-Division Semi-Final. It's the first home playoff game in three seasons for the Riders, but the game is nowhere near sold-out.  So we asked you to give us your reasons on twitter to show up at Mosaic Stadium on Sunday.

li-roughriders1.jpg1.Terry Millin - @SheilaColesCBC! To watch a drunk fat guy remove his shirt in this weather. #WSFtop10

2. Alix Hayden - @SheilaColesCBC to prove how brave and tough everyone in SK is by filling the scary windtunnel temp seats with melon heads!! #WSFtop10

3. Mark Cherry - Smokies taste best when it's cold outside. #wsftop10

4. David Bellerive - You'll want to say you were there all along, when they win the Grey Cup #WSFtop10

5. John Klein -  @SheilaColesCBC go to game to have your custom hot beverage taken and dumped out (or pocket it instead, shhh).

6. Cheryl Mahoney - #wsftop10 Rider pride reputation is at stake

7. Bitter Gainer - @SheilaColesCBC: Top ten list- why ppl SHOULD go to the game this wknd! #WSFtop10 " #1 I'll still be pantsless.

8. James Park - @SheilaColesCBC #WSFTop10 Now that Breaking Bad is over, there's nothing better to do on Sunday

9. Andre Piasta - Top reason to go to #wsftop10...the Riders are in it. "'Nuff said". C'mon Rider fans show the league why you're the best around

10. JenEM - @SheilaColesCBC #WSFtop10 Don't want to be mocked by other teams for not selling out. (We're supposed to have the CFL's most diehard fans!)

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