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Eavesdrop Poetry with Shayna Stock

Culture Days Animateur Shayna Stock has spent the summer attending festivals in SK and creating poetry from conversations she has overheard. This morning she is eavesdropping on Sheila and the show.  Listen to the challenge.

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One hour of the Morning Edition - this is what Shayna came back with.

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Here is Shayna's Poem

if we had more than one referendum, it would be referenda day


sharpen your pencils

wide range of categories

label and identify


half of Canadians are working in their dream job

seven out of ten of respondents say they feel valued

we have this privilege

are you in your dream job?


what does it say?

Break it down


light rain falling

not too rainy

a fair bit of moisture

showers today

more rain tomorrow


dire economic straits

you're scared to tell the farmers it's raining so you're just gonna play jazz

whenever you hear gypsy jazz something's wrong

unsupervised unsanctioned events held in fields

deadly earthquake

7.7 magnitude

what's happening on the roads out there?

there seems to be a prevalence of pool halls and dance halls

coarse behaviour and lewd behaviour

you'll see the wizard of oz in everything from juice boxes to jewelry and beauty products


take back the night


support the youngsters and have a pint

we'll win regardless of sweater design

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