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Meet Your Mushrooms

Mushrooms Huyghabaert 1.jpg.JPGJoel Huyghebaert is hoping mushrooms will become a profitable niche market. He grows oyster varieties at a newly-constructed facility near Regina, selling them to several Regina restaurants and at the city's Farmers' Market. (Ted Deller photo)

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Joel Huyghebaert has designed and built a mushroom empire near Regina. He grows several varieties of oyster mushroom, selling them to local restaurateurs and foodies at the local Farmers' Market. Huyghebaert says the niche crop has potential to be lucrative down the road. (Ted Deller photo)


Clusters of oyster mushrooms grow in sterile straw medium at Stellar Gourmet Mushrooms, near Regina. Owner Joel Huyghebaert turned to mushrooms as a niche market for his farm. (Ted Deller photo)

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A batch of oyster mushrooms grows in a climate-controlled room at Stellar Gourmet Mushrooms, near Regina, Sask. (Ted Deller photo)
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