Special Report, Charbonneau Corruption Inquiry

Tony Accurso says he paid off Jacques Duchesneau's debt

Former Quebec construction magnate Tony Accurso says he gave $250,000 to an associate of Jacques Duchesneau to pay off the former police chief and one-time Montreal mayoral candidate's debt after an election defeat. Sep 05 video

Tony Accurso says he was blacklisted by Pauline Marois's office

Former Quebec construction tycoon Tony Accurso said it's no secret that he was a provincial Liberal supporter and joked that he was blacklisted by Hydro-Québec from contracts because he might not have donated enough to the then-ruling Parti Québécois government. Sep 04 video

Tony Accurso says he never used his yacht for shady deals

Tony Accurso, the criminally charged former construction magnate, says he never used his infamous luxury yacht, the Touch, for shady business and what other people did on their own boats had nothing to do with him. Sep 03 video

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