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Doc Shop 6

Doc Shop 6

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Saturday, August 7 at 7 p.m on CBC Television.

This special will feature a selection of documentaries written, directed and produced by film, communications and journalism students in colleges and universities in Montreal. These compelling short stories are the result of an intensive talent development initiative organized by the NFB in collaboration with CBC. Several films from previous editions of Doc Shop have gained critical acclaim and have won prizes at festivals around the world. The documentaries presented in the special are:

Stride to Succeed - Marley Sniatowsky - Dawson College
Four Places Called Home - Melanie Godoy and Simone Viger - Concordia University
One Couch at a Time - Rebecca Lessard - Concordia University
Mind, Body, Hips - Yasmine El Ashmawi - Concordia University
Igniting the Imagination - Barbato Martiniello - Dawson College
Over the Top - Shanna Roberts-SalĂ©e - Concordia University
Hedonic Iconic - Elizabeth Familiar da Silva and Philip Fortin - Vanier College
First Nations, New Images - Roxane Hudon - Concordia University
It's all about the Music - Colin Riendeau - Vanier College 

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