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High-pressure movers leave Montreal man out hundreds of dollars

CBC Montreal investigates a ring of unregistered companies using questionable practices to force customers into handing over their money. Aug 18

Parents struggle with Quebec daycare web portal

A new web portal for Quebec parents is supposed to simplify finding spots for children, but many say the government service is unhelpful so far. Jun 17

video Homeowners face difficulties when challenging Hydro-Quebec

For homeowners with complaints about an unexplained increase in their Hydro bill, challenging Hydro-Quebec is not simple. Aug 12 video

Watch Challenging Hydro Quebec 3:09

exclusive Beer-measuring test shows some bars served 5 oz less than advertised

Acting on a tip from a CBC Montreal listener who said he was short-served at two Sports Stations on the South Shore, CBC News set out to find out if customers were getting what they thought they were in their beer order. Jun 11 video

Watch RAW: Beer-measuring test 0:20

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