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Watch Fortunate Son [VIDEO]Fortunate Son
August 25, 2012 at 7 p.m.

In this intimate autobiographical documentary, Tony Assimakopolous, the only son of Greek immigrants, searches for happiness with his fiancée by looking at his complicated, sometimes painful relationship with his overbearing mother and ailing father. As a recovered addict, Tony probes the sources of anger and shame in his early family life in an effort to start his marriage on solid footing. Shot in Montreal and Greece, Fortunate Son is a heartwarming film about faith, renewal, and the definition of love. Thursday August 30, 2012

Watch Rain [VIDEO]

Rain brings Cirque Éloize's long-running, smash theatrical circus hit to TV. Directed for the screen by Mario Janelle, who earned his chops on Bon Cop, Bad Cop, the show is irresistibly charming, winding nostalgic impressions of last century into a story about childhood, memory and freedom. Tuesday August 21, 2012

Watch Falafel - Give Peas a Chance [VIDEO]

With purported roots dating back to biblical times, this sidewalk sandwich is probably the most important pleasure shared by Arabs and Jews. Documentary filmmaker Ari Cohen travels from the depths of the Holy Land to some of the greatest falafel restos in Europe and North America, engaging in a lighthearted culinary escapade as well as an earnest questioning of whether the mighty falafel is the grassroots gateway to peace and compromise. Wednesday August 8, 2012