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Wab Kinew: My Reservation II

OMG!!!! Election commentary from an Aboriginal that isn't about Aboriginal rights!
This is volume 2: the economy.

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That ship has sailed

Posted by Wab Kinew
Photo: The Globe and Mail

This morning I read about how the Conservatives have decided now to focus less on Stéphane Dion’s Liberals, and to attack instead the NDP and Green party.

This may very well be a tactic on the part of the Conservatives to fragment the left-of-centre vote. However, the fact that it is a viable strategy says something about the state of Mr. Dion’s campaign.

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Talking Portraits September 12

Originally aired on CBC Television's The National on Friday September 12, 2008.

After almost a week of mishaps and overshadowed policy announcements, the former Prime Ministers put their own spin on Canada's 2008 election.