About Us

No one wants it, it's expensive, and nothing ever changes. But enough about the CBC, it's Election Time.
If you want to hear comics dissect the race, eavesdrop on backroom campaign conversations, find out who's up and who's down in the political stock market or tap the candidates' answering machines, Minority Report is your online source of satire.
When they dropped the writ, we upped the wit, and we'll keep you laughing, all the way to the ballot box!

The Content Factory is a small, but vital team of political junkies, comics, actors, and other ne'er-do-wells.
They include some of Canada's comedy cream:

Al Rae is the founder of the CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival, one of the people that developed Little Mosque On The Prairie, Monsoon House creator and a regular on comedy stages across the country.

Mike O'Brien is the creator of the Comedy Factory Podcast, actor, author, historian, and the Content Factory's head comedy writer.

Jane Testar is a performer in Hot Thespian Action. And, no that's not a typo.

Dean Jenkinson is a Gemini-nominated, and Canadian Comedy Award-winning comedian and comedy writer who's just finished in his fourth season writing for CBC's "This Hour Has 22 Minutes". He's appeared on "Comedy Now", "COMICS!", "The Royal Canadian Air Farce", "The Winnipeg Comedy Festival" and written numerous "Just For Laughs" specials.

Doug Holmes signs expense claims and runs defence.