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NDP beginning to pull ahead... on Facebook

Posted by Wab Kinew


Jack Layton continues to lead among Facebook supporters with 19,830. His party staffers have hit Facebook hard, going so far as to develop an “Orange Room” application that supporters can install onto their profiles. Lucky participants can have the latest NDP news releases flash across their pages. Oh! No, wait. The Orange Room has been suspended due to the poor state of the economy (I’m kidding).

Stephen Harper has almost kept pace by bringing his total number of Facebook supporters to 15,962. This might be due to the fact that he countered his unpopular comments on artists by expanding the “favourite movies” section on his profile, proclaiming that he “loves to rock” and that he’s an “aspiring author.”

Prediction: next week he’ll explain on Facebook how he’s always felt a strange affinity for former Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

Stéphane Dion has begun to falter by bringing his total up by only about a thousand supporters to 13,534 over the course of the campaign. This is compared to gains of 3,271 and 5,887 for Harper and Layton, respectively. This just goes to show that even on the internet, the socially-inept are still socially-inept.

The fringe candidates of Facebook, Elizabeth May and Gilles Duceppe, have also made some gains in number of supporters. Elizabeth May has revitalized her online campaign by adding the Twitter application to her profile. This will allow her to keep her followers glued to their seats with such status updates as “Elizabeth May is catching up on e-mails missed while on the Whistle Stop Tour” and “Elizabeth May is packing for the debates in Ottawa.” Wow! It’s like I’m right there beside her on her super boring campaign!

And now, to put those numbers into perspective: