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Former Dallas star stresses importance of Canadian culture

Posted by Wab Kinewtp-arthindle-080924.jpg
Art Hindle opposes cuts to Art, Arts

A number of Canada’s top celebrities who were in that one thing, one time, held a press conference today to speak out against cuts to arts programs made by the Conservatives.

The press conference began with what’s-her-name. You know, the one who played Tim Allen’s wife in Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. The one who said, "These policies are job killers, and artists will not stand by and allow these attacks on our industry to continue without a fight."

Another recognizable face that looked really familiar, (oh man, this dude’s been in everything - I think he even played Trudeau once), rose and stated that, “We watch with particular interest those stories that are about us, that speak to who we are.”

A reporter in the crowd asked: “And who are you again?”
“Colm Feore,” the dude replied.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper also made headlines today when he said that artist complaints don’t “resonate with ordinary people.”

A thunderous applause broke out at the press conference when a man who appeared to be DaVinci’s Inquest star Nicholas Campbell rose and said, “I would like to think I am an ordinary working person in an extraordinary industry called show business.”

The applause subsided somewhat when someone whispered, “That’s not Dominic DaVinci, that’s Art Hindle. Oh come, you remember Art Hindle, he was on ENG.”

In Quebec, universally recognized stars such as Michel Rivard are also speaking out against arts cuts.