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Dion about to go down in flames?

From the blog of Wab Kinew


Friday afternoon, the Toronto Star reported that Stéphane Dion has just given the Conservatives all the ammunition they need to sink what remains of his campaign.

On the Green Shift being the most important policy in his platform: “You have said it was but never me,” Dion says.

Right. That’s the type of stellar reasoning that we expect from a self-proclaimed “intellectual.” Not to mention the kind of principled stand we’d expect from a potential prime minister.

Read what the bloggers are saying after the jump (hint: I’m probably being more charitable to Dion than they are).

One of the Bloggers at “Peace Order & Good Government, Eh” thinks that this is the end for Dion: “Unless Harper gets caught with a live boy or dead girl, we're probably looking at a Conservative majority now.

Tim Powers (Conservative) eviscerates Dion and says this shows his lack of character.

Warren Kinsella (Liberal) thinks that this is a step away from waving the white-flag.