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That ship has sailed

Posted by Wab Kinew
Photo: The Globe and Mail

This morning I read about how the Conservatives have decided now to focus less on Stéphane Dion’s Liberals, and to attack instead the NDP and Green party.

This may very well be a tactic on the part of the Conservatives to fragment the left-of-centre vote. However, the fact that it is a viable strategy says something about the state of Mr. Dion’s campaign.

It’s obviously way too early for a political obituary.

However, further proof that troubled waters lie ahead for Mr. Dion can be seen in this new attack ad from The Liberals.

It’s pretty clever to tag Conservative policy as “Harpernomics.” It is very close to “Reaganomics”, a term with a lot of negative connotations and baggage.

Plus, with the TSX sliding today and last week’s rise in gas prices, the timing of an attack focused on economic policy…

Wait a second…
The Liberals didn’t even mention their leader in their new ad. The ad compares and contrasts “the Green Shift” against “Harpernomics,” but doesn’t pit Mr. Dion vs. Mr. Harper.

Is that by accident or are the Liberals trying to distance themselves from their leader?