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Blogs, Blogs, Blogs : Week 1

Posted by Wab Kinew with funny insights from Al Rae

Al says: “Hopefully, next time he talks to This Hour Has 22 Minutes Harper will be off the cuffs!”

Once the election hits, the blogosphere heats up. Here is what we’ve been watching the past couple of days:

Jack Layton on the Conservative campaign so far: “Looks like the sweater has come off.”

Al says: “Anyone who doesn’t think Stephen Harper is scary, has never pictured him in shorts.”

It took four days, but the Liberal campaign now has a plane! The former Air Inuit jet has been re-branded “Profess-Air,” by the media.

Al says: “I swear I heard Dion say, ‘Guys, I said it’s been four days, we need a plan! A plan!’”

Jack Layton wrote notes to the teachers of some children at one of his campaign events to explain their absences. Here’s a sample: "Please excuse Anna for her late arrival, she was talking to me about issues." In another, “Eric was discussing matters with the next Prime Minister of Canada.”
Al says: “Should an elected MP really be lying to children?”.

Ruby Dhalla and Belinda Stronach landed on Maxim’s hottest politicians list.

Al says: “Content Warning: they’re ‘House-of-Commons Hot”.

Remember on Monday when we posted an entry called “Release the Hounds?”

The Globe and Mail still thought that was a good headline on Thursday.

Al says: “Tom Cruise also stole our web page name for that movie he did with Spielberg.”

A Liberal candidate compared Harper to Hitler. If Elizabeth May was slammed for comparing Harper to Nazi-appeaser Neville Chamberlain, this guy really should have known better.

Al says: “To be fair, both names do begin with the letter ‘H’”.